GioTek Real Triggers PS3

GioTek Real Triggers PS3
  • GioTek Real Triggers PS3
  • GioTek Real Triggers PS3
  • GioTek Real Triggers PS3
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How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2 buttons of your Sony PS3 Controller and always at the crutial moment in the game. Real triggers put a stop to that happening ever again. Simply put if you use a Sony PS3 Controller and serious about your gaming you should use these.

They slide/clip on to the convex triggers and add a concave curve, helping your fingers stay securely on the trigger buttons [people were complaining that their fingers would slip off]

Other than adding security for your fingers, that´s about it. If you want to revert back to the old triggers´ feel, removing the clip on triggers couldn´t be easier.


GLOBALE SCORE: 5 van 5 Sterren!
Amaury2013-08-11 00:57:05
Score: 5/5
Triggers zijn heel handig en maken je een betere speler
antoni savigni2015-08-19 21:21:20
Score: 4/5
Heel handig en goede behendigheid :) je hebt een snellere reactie op FPS games en ik persoonlijk heb er meer preciesie mee

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