Kontrol Freek - Speed Freak (PS3/Xbox360)

Kontrol Freek - Speed Freak (PS3/Xbox360)
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EAN code 2000000005232
Warranty 24 maand(en)
Platform Playstation 4
Hoogte Laag
Type Concave
Compatibel met Scuf - Playstation 4 (Concave Sticks) Scuf - Xbox One (Concave Sticks) Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Sony Playstation 2 Controller Sony Playstation 3 Controller
Kleur Zwart


Born from our winning spirit and inherent need for speed, the Speed Freek controller thumbstick enhancer is for the adrenaline junky who just won’t settle for second place. Speed Freek gives you more comfort and control during tense racing situations to help you record fewer DNFs and more podium finishes! Get the most out of your car, dominate the track, and wave goodbye to your friends in the rear view mirror.

The Speed Freek was specifically designed to help you reach the fastest lap-times possible in racing games while using your PS3 or Xbox controller. The “U” shaped analog stick attachment was developed to help you make more precise movements on the track while not allowing your thumb to slip as you hold long turns. Improving your car’s handling characteristics gives you the ability to make sharper, more accurate movements; resulting in better performance than even the most expensive racing wheels money can buy—and our tests have proven it! Don't get left behind, upgrade your stock analog sticks with Speed Freek today!


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