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Payment methods Date: Friday 11 November, 2011
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At Gamegear.be you can use various methods to pay for your order:

  • Wire transfer: a normal wire transfer to our account.
    Domestic: 320-0383424-53 (1 business days, not counting holidays and weekends)
         IBAN: BE53 3200 3834 2453
         BIC: BBRUBEBB
         (2 business days, excl. weekends and holidays)

    When making the wire transfer you only need to add the order number to the description. You can find this number on the page "My account" or in the confirmation e-mail.

  • Paypal: using Paypal you can pay with Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, e-check etc. in all safety. On top of that, Paypal offers insurance for all it`s users. Using Paypal will add an extra fee of 4% to your order. More information: http://www.paypal.com (payment is immediate, no delay).

  • Cash: you can also pay cash on location. Check out our pickup point: http://www.gamegear.be/pickup_outpost.php

  • Cash on delivery: you can also pay cash on delivery. This service does cost a little extra and is only available in Belgium.

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