Official Alienware reseller

Date: Saturday 28 April, 2012 has become an official reseller of the famous Alienware brand. 

For over a decade, Alienware has been providing gamers with high end gaming PCs that not only offer high performance but an amazing design as well. But at Gamegear we want more and that is exactly what you'll get thanks to the one year "next business day" pickup & return policy. This is why Alienware is the perfect addition to the Gamegear product range.

To get started we introduce the new Alienware X51 gaming desktop. These bad boys start at 749.99EUR and come in three flavours: Intel i3, Intel i5 and a Intel i7 processor. The X51 is a compact little monster offering a lot of power for your money. Check it out:

Do you need more power? Do you want to blow away the competition? Then contact us for more information on the Alienware Aurora: the flagship desktop model that makes your enemies melt on site.

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