Dust: the biggest enemy of the pc

Date: Tuesday 21 May, 2019
The most pc users have especially fear of viruses, but also in terms of hardware, you can keep a PC neat and tidy. Dust can cause him to get a lot warmer and that's not healthy. By taking the time to clean the inside of your PC from time to time, you can make sure it has less trouble keeping everything neatly at the right temperature. Moreover, it is not immediately nice to look at a PC full of dust when you have a case with a transparent side.

What do you need to clean you pc?

  • Compressed air
  • screwdriver
  • duster
  • a soft antistatic brush
  • Buckets to put your screws in
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Pc 😉

How to clean your pc?

Step 1:

You make sure you have all the necessary equipment to clean your PC (see above). If you have everything at hand, find a well-ventilated place. The best thing is to do it outside when the weather is good, but a good place is also your garage when you open the doors. After all, you have to make sure that the dust can be disposed of properly, so that it doesn't blow back into your PC and, of course, you don't want to blow dust all over your room. Once you've found the right place, start by removing the side panels from your PC.

Step 2:

Now we can begin to clean the pc. If you have an airfilter, you can best begin with that and remove it. Then clean the filters by blowing with compressed air on the other side of the filter. Take then the memory out of the pc. You can clean the memory right away with the duster.

Once you've done that, you can use your compressed air to blow most of the dust out of your PC. You need to make sure that you are not to close to the components with the compressed air, because that can damage the components. Keep the bus at an appropriate distance. The pressure is high enough to blow all the dust away smoothly. Don't let your fans run like crazy for fun either. This can cause damage to the bearings and motor of the fans. It's better to stop them with your hand at that moment. Don't use a vacuum cleaner to make your PC dust free, because that can also damage the components. You can use your vacuum cleaner to make your case dust free, but always be very careful.

Step 3:

After using the compressed air to blow away most of the accumulated dust, you can use the brush to remove the rest of the remaining dust from the components. Don't press too hard, but gently brush over the components. Treat them with love, because dust on your components is not fine, but broken components are even worse. If you find it difficult to do so, you can also choose to remove all components from the case and dust them separately.

Step 4:

If all the dust is from the components, use the compressed air again to blow the last dust off your components. Usually there is still some dust left on the fans. For this you can use cleaning alcohol. Put a little bit of it on a (paper) cloth and use it to wipe away the last dust. If you have wipes for glasses in your home, you can use them too.

Step 5:

Now you've made all the parts dust-free. Go is still with a duster through the inside of the case for the last bit of dust. Also polish the outside of your case to complete the picture. After this, you just have to put all your components back in place, and close your case. If you've done everything right, you now have a dust-free PC.

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