Scuf Infinity's back in stock

Date: Tuesday 06 June, 2017
Scuf Infinity's restocked!

Heads up: the new Scuf Infinity Models are back in stock! :D

If you've subscribed to our newsletter you heard it earlier today: The Scuf Infinity's are restocked!

Don't sleep on these though, cause gone = gone

The new models don't just look badass, they come with the most chosen specifications, including the new Infinity Pro Paddles.


Other specifications:


  • 2 Backpaddles that you can re-assing thanks to the EMR Remapping function
  • Extra grip for extra intense (read: sweaty) matches
  • Triggerstops for ultra fast trigger response
  • Wireless, but able to play wired with USB if needed
  • MLG Approved

Looking for the new Scuf Impacts? Pré order yours here.

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