About the FOGG loyalty programme

We wanted to create something for our customers that would enhance their Gamegear experience in a fun way. In cooperation with one of our IT-interns who is writing her Master dissertation, we came up with the idea of a customer loyalty programme, but not just any old customer loyalty programme.

Our ‘Friends of Gamegear’ (or FOGG for short) beta-programme taps into your skills and experience as a gamer and lets you unlock all kinds of goodies in a Goodie-Tree. A Goodie-Tree is basically a skill tree, but instead of skills you can unlock merchandise, event-tickets, goodies and more. The higher up the tree you get, the better the goodies become. And remember, this is just a beta!

All you need to do is collect Goodie-Points by doing the things you are already doing: talking to us on our Facebook-page, interacting with your friends, reviewing products and shopping in our store! Sound good to you?


WARNING: Beta-run
However, because it is a beta-run, there may still be some unfortunate bugs, mistakes or oversights. We hope for your understanding and feedback if any of these would occur. The more feedback we receive, the better our programme will become and the more fun it will be!

What to expect?
This is just a small beginning, but we have so much more planned for FOGG!

Just a few examples of what to expect:
- For now, Facebook is the only social media channel connected to the programme, but we are going to add in YouTube, Twitter and more!
- Each FOGG-account has a special meter that can be used to collect nice discounts, but this meter will be used for other things too, such as incredible promotions, prize draws and premium benefits!
- You may have noticed our little ninja mascotte? That‘s Foggy! He’s got big plans as well. In the future, Foggy plans to use the website to hide easter-eggs that will get you special deals or a whole bunch of extra Goodie-Points! Just so you know: he loves the holiday periods!
- Each FOGG-user has an Achievements-box. Every time you unlock a Goodie in the Goodie-Tree, you will get a badge for that Goodie. But you can also earn badges for other things. There will be new badges for the most active Weekly FOGG-user, the FOGG-user who has donated the most Goodie-Points, etc.
- Once you have a FOGG account, you will notice that each FOGG-user has a level. Higher levels will receive special badges and special promotions throughout the year!
- And so much more!

FOGG as part of a Master dissertation
FOGG was created as part of our intern’s Master dissertation. This means that during the first four weeks of its launch, the FOGG-programme will collect anonymous data that will be analysed for use in the dissertation to investigate the effects of a gamified (i.e. using game-elements in non-game environments) customer loyalty programme on customer profitability. FOGG-users will also receive a request to participate in two surveys that look at user behaviour and attitudes (for which you can win €50 shopping credit).

For more information on the Master dissertation, please click here to send an information-request. You will receive a short abstract on what exactly the dissertation is about and what happens to all the anonymous data.