Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)

Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)
  • Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)
  • Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)
  • Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)
  • Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox)
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Astro A10 System Bundle - Blue (PC/PS4) Astro A10 System Bundle - Blue (PC/PS4) 194.90EUR
Are you planning to buy the Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox) ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the Astro A10 Headset Blue (PC/MAC/PS4+5/Xbox) and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Astro believes that the three most important elements that gamers look for in a headset, are high quality audio & communication, comfort, and durability.

The Astro A10 holds all three of these core elements, and more! Were you waiting for an budget friendly Astro? Or just want to add this baby to your collection? Then the Astro A10 is the perfect choice!

De A10 is completely cross platform thanks to the 3.5mm analogue connection, and is availble in different colours an bundles!  You can find all the models and bundles here.

The Blue edition of the Astro A10 focuses on Playstation users, but doesn't limit itself to just this platform. Just like it's Red and Green brothers, it'll work on all your platforms! The only thing you need to do, is choose your favourite!

What to expect from the A10, and how it does compared with the A40 TR and the Astro A50, and basically everything you need to know about the A10 can be found in our Pré Order Blog

These are a few of the qualities of the Astro A10:

  • Subtle design 
  • Cross Platform Plug & Play audio jack to connect to your controller, computer or mobile
  • Durable and pretty much unbreakable, fabric memory foam headband & ear cushions
  • Weighs less than 350 grams which makes it alot easier to use it on the road, without having to carry a massive weight on your head
  • Flip up mute boom microphone
  • Works  with TR en M80 Mixamp
  • A10 Green available in a bundle with M60 Mixamp for Xbox One
  • Over-ear closed design for passive noise cancel
  • Extra long cable (2m)

Questions? Let us know, we love to hear from you!



IMPORTANT: The PC splitter is only included with the Astro A10 - Red, but is available as a seperate product, you can check it out here.


SKU code 939-001531
EAN code 5099206075122
Warranty 24 month(s)
Platform PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One Xbox Series X Mobile MAC
Speaker Channels Stereo 2.0
Connections Analogue 3.5mm
Ear cup Type Over-ear Fabric
Microphone Noise Cancel Passive
Color Black Blue
Noise cancellingPassive
Frequency range (audio)20Hz - 20KHz
ImpedanceDC impedance 32 OHM
Sound pressure level104dB +/- 3dDB AT 1KHz
Micro type Omni-directional


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