BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor

BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor
  • BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor
  • BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor
  • BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor
  • BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor
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Are you planning to buy the BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the BENQ ZOWIE XL2731K 27" Gaming Monitor and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.



• 165Hz Refresh Rate
• DyAc™ Technology
• XL Setting to Share™
• Black eQualizer; Color Vibrance
• Optional Accessory: S Switch 

Fluid Gameplay with Smooth and Precise Control

Catch more details in motion and enjoy more fluid gameplay for a more smooth and precise control in game with ZOWIE monitor that supports up to true 165Hz refresh rate.

Smaller Base – More Playing Space

New base is designed to take up less space while maintaining the same stability. This allows gamers more space in their setup for in-game movements and allows them the flexibility to make adjustments and play comfortably.

Fluid & flexible adjustment – More comfort in-game

We understand that each player has his/her own unique combination of monitor height and angle adjustment. With height adjustment & free tilt, players are able to setup quickly and conveniently resulting in a more comfortable playing environment.

XL Setting to Share™

Share your own settings with a teammate, friend or your fans. Save video profiles quickly and share conveniently through a simple user interface.

Quick Access Settings

The change to the user interface and the new 5-way S Switch (optional accessory) is more than just cosmetic. The redesigned interface provides you the ability to customize which FPS settings you would like to access quickly via quick menu, and then allows you to access them with one-touch. Setting up before games or during rounds is now much more convenient.

DyAc™ Technology – A Different Spray Feeling

DyAc™ makes vigorous in-game actions such as spraying less blur. This allows gamers to see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly which can help with recoil control. 

Note:  Due to the design limitations of the panel, the brightness of the XL2411K and XL2731K will be reduced when DyAc™ is switched on; it won’t happen on XL2546/XL2546S/XL2546K/XL2746S/XL2746K.

Make Visual Adjustments Based on Your In-Game Needs

Black eQualizer to increase visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas, Color Vibrance to adjust color setting and tone to differentiate enemy targets in-game, and Game modes to switch between presets for different game titles– these are all adjustments that allow players to play with their preferred visual settings.

No Compromise in Durability for Aesthetics

During the design process, durability was not sacrificed for aesthetics. The LCD panel is better protected through a frame design that provides added resistance on the sides. This is especially useful when transporting the monitors to LAN events or BYOC’s.


EAN code 4718755086434
Warranty 24 month(s)
Screen Size27"
Refresh Rate165Hz
Connections DisplayPort HDMI Headphones
3D ReadyNo
Image qualityFull HD
Adjustable Heighttrue
Display Colors16,77 Million
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Brightness320 cd/m²
Rotatable Pedestaltrue
Aspect Ratio16:9
Vertical Rotationaltrue
Viewing Angle170°
Screen TypeTN


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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