The best gaming headset for you in 4 steps

Date: Tuesday 21 May, 2019
best gaming headset

How can you choose the best gaming headset for you? Follow these 4 tips and find the perfect match in no time.

There are countless new headsets on the market, but which one is the right one? It's not an easy choice, but with these 4 tips, you'll find your perfect match in no time.

Tip 1: choose the right platform

Almost all headset have an analogue connection which you can connect through the audio jack on your PS4 or Xbox One controller. Do keep in min: most PC-gaming headsets have two 3-pole 3.5mm jack opposed to a single 4-ppole jack. This means you'll need a Y-adapter to go from 2x3.5mm to 1x3.5mm 4-pole like this one:

A USB-headset is a little bit more tricky. Most gaming headsets work plug & play on the PC using a USB connection, but that isn't the case on your console. Most of the time only voice will work and you wont have any game sound. So double check if the headset works on all platforms when buying a USB headset!

If you don't want any issues and you want the best sound, then a multi-platform headset is the way to go. These headsets come with a special audio mixer that integrates voice chat using USB and offers high quality game sound through an optical cable.

Attention: Xbox One has it's own USB-protocol. This means that a multi-platform headset will either be Xbox One/PC or PS4/PC. You can't mix them between PS4 and Xbox One.

Tip 2: wired or wireless

A wireless gaming headset was simply "not done" back in the day. Now the technology is on point and the performance is high enough to have a quality wirelss gaming headset. Additionally the batteries easily make it up to 8 hours (which is more then enough for the average gaming session) and also the audio bandwith is sufficient to send out a noise free quality audio signal without any delay. Only in a tournament setting the wireless gaming solution remains a no go as there will always be a chance on interference. And you don't want your audio to drop out one a critical moment.

Why would anyone still go wired?

  • You never have to charge a wired headset
  • A wired headset will always be a lilttle faster in transmitting audio
  • A wired headset is cheaper
  • A wired headset lighter (no build-in battery)

Tip 3: open or closed design

Did you pick a wireless headset? Then you can skip this part as they are all closed design because of the build in battery and controls. .

When picking a wired headset, you do have the choice. The most important difference is the way you'll experience the audio and the comfort.

All in a butshell: Open design:

  • Pro's:
    • You can hear your surroundings (e.g. you can hear when the pizza delivery is at your door)
    • No sweating
    • More balanced sound (this is beneficial for surround sound)
  • Con's:
    • You can hear your surroundings (e.g. hear your mom/wife yelling)
    • Less bass

Closed design:

  • Pro's:
    • Good passive noise cancelling
    • Full bass sounds
  • Con's:
    • Sweat more easily when it's hot
    • The bass can drown out other tones

Which design is best for you highly depends on your enviorment and personal taste.

Tip 4: surround sound or not

Surround sound is mainly usefull when you play shooting games. There you have clear advantage as you'll know when an enemy is coming around the corner. In other games you can probably better invest the extra cash in a good stereo headset.

Do you have questions about a specific model or gaming headsets in general? Just post a comment

As usual: if something isn't clear or you want some extra information, just post a comment below and I'll get back to you asap :)

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