Date: Tuesday 25 April, 2017

No G Fuel? No problem! Boost your focus & game with X-Gamer!


The demand for a worthy G Fuel alternative has been rather high these last few years, as G fuel is still not allowed to be sold to Belgian customers due to government restrictions, sadface :(

But your prayers have been answered! :D

The quest to find a good alternative has been a rocky road, but with the help from our community, we’ve finally found the perfect alternative: X-Gamer Energy Drinks!

The term “Alternative” doesn’t do it justice though, as we’ve only received positive feedback from the Gamegear Community that has tested and approved of this new Energy Drink.

Some of you even prefer X-Gamer over G Fuel. Needless to say we put X-Gamer to the test ourselves, and after a good amount of shakes we can confirm that all three flavours fulfilled our expectations!

This blog tells you everything you need to know about the available flavours, the GG Taste Test, and how X-Gamer is performing energy wise compared to G Fuel, Red Bull & Co.


Blue Nitro, Zomberry & Powacrush

X-Gamer comes in three different flavours: Blue Nitro, Zomberry & Powacrush. What’s your flavour? ;)

Blue Nitro is the most chosen flavour, and we totally understand why ;)

The smell resembles old school double-stick popsicles you might remember from your childhood, nomnom!

The taste of Blue Nitro is best described as the taste of old school blue smurf candy! Nice ‘n sweet, but balanced flavours.

The Belgian in me has never had the privilege to taste G Fuel, but our friends of the interwebz have told me that Blue Nitro strongly resembles G Fuel’s
Blue Ice Formula.



Zomberry was the first flavour X-Gamer released, and this has been by far my personal favourite!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, then Zomberry is your new addiction ;) but minus the piles of sugar you’ll find in other popular energy drinks. Win-win me thinks!


Both the smell and taste resemble red strawberry lace candy. In comparison with Blue Nitro, the taste is a bit sweeter, but still balanced.


And last but not least: Powacrush!

Powacrush’s flavour is a little more subtle compared to Blue Nitro and Zomberry, and may be the underdog of all three, but with the summer temperatures coming our way, Powacrush - with it’s fresh pineapple flavour and sour touch - is the perfect cooler for grind sessions in a hot environment. 

Compared to G Fuel, Powacrush most resembles G Fuel’s Pineapple Formula.


Want to try all three different flavours without having to get an X-Tubz straight away?

No worries! You can get the X-Gamer Various Energy x 3  pack for just €5.49. Win!

All flavours are available in 60 servings X-Gamer X-Tubz and in Single Serving Sachets.



X-Gamer vs G Fuel, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Monster

How does X-gamer perform compared to other (energy)drinks? Below is a comparison, based on half a liter (one serving).

One serving (500ML) aka one scoop of G Fuel or one serving of X-Gamer.

When it comes to caffeine, X-Gamer takes the easy win with 200 mg per serving.

The sweet flavour of X-Gamer has to come from somewhere, but compared to Red Bull, Monster and Coca Cola, the sugar levels are neglectable.

On top of that, X-Gamer is full of multivitamins (27 to be exact), and is 100% vegan! :D

GG Taste Test

Buying an energy drink online based on a description can be tricky business, so to guarantee that we ain’t lying when we say it’s worth it’s money, there was nothing left to do but to take X-Gamer to the test ourselves.

To powder or not to powder

energy drinks can be a let down if the powder isn’t fully mixing well. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for X-Gamer when using a shaker with filter.

Don’t have a shaker? No worries! Neither did I ;) A regular plastic bottle will do. Give the mixture a few minutes to dissolve and give it a good and long shake. Et voila! Hardly any or no residue can be found at the bottom of your bottle or shaker.

Boost your energy level

Does it really give you an energy boost though? This is probably the most important factor when it comes to energy drinks. Well, I can personally say: hell yeah! And that says a lot, as yours truly is a bit of a Coca Cola junkie, so my body can take a good amount of caffeine.

It didn’t give me wings, but the concrete wall I tend to come across after a long workweek, was nowhere to be seen after half a liter of Evian and a satchel of Zomberry.

By the time I got home, I was kindly asked to ‘tone it down a bit’ as I was all over the place. So both myself as my environment saw a noticeable difference.

GG Cocktails & Mocktails

Now that both the Gamegear Community and ourselves have tested X-Gamer and gave it the “GG Approved” stamp and with summer in sight, we really got in the mood to experiment with the different flavours. We want to find out what cocktails & mocktails we can brew to share with our community.

We’ll get back at you with a full report when everyone is sobered up again. :D

And when I say “we” i mean the experts in our team ;) I’ll be the judge of the mocktails. So you can expect a list of Gamegear X-Gamer Cocktails with and without alcohol soon!

Got suggestions yourself? Do share! Poke us on Social Media, send us an e-mail at, give us a ring or drop us a visit in our showroom.

Bring it on, summer! Let’s go!

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