E3 2011: press conferences

Date: Tuesday 07 June, 2011

After a long day of press conferences (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony), I`m happy to give it all in a nutshell: Modern Warfare 3 looks awesome, Microsoft will shove the Knect down your throat and will integrate it in every game. Personally: it`s not a hardcore gaming product, so stop trying. Same goes for Sony and the Move.

EA`s monster was of course Battlefield 3 and the in game demo was just plain  amazing. Other great news is that the public beta will be available in september on all platforms! There will also be a new NFS title: Need For Speed On the run. This time you can go out of the car, however don`t think `GTA style`, it`s more of a cinematic and linear kind of feature. That makes it a big `maybe` on my list. Last but not least: the new Fifa looks very promising in the sports section. They put some great effort in the collision system wich will add a lot more realism.

Ubisoft was ... `ok`. A few highlights and several lows, so lets stick to the highlights: Far Cry 3 looks great, Rayman goes back to basics and the fans will love it and of course we have the new ghost recon which has a promising multi player.

Sony: they say they learned a lot after the whole hacking episode, lets just hope it`s true. The new Uncharted game = sweet. The biggest suprise was the new handheld called the playstation vita! It has a complete controller in it -> dual analog sticks, the classic action buttons & triggers. On top of that you get a touch screen, a touch pad on the rear and 2 camera`s. The graphics are just plain stunning for such a little monster and most of all ... the price is insane!

You think 600-800EUR right? WRONG! Just 249.99EUR for the wifi edition and only 299.99EUR for the 3G edition. I think they actually have a shot with this one. Nice work sony!

And when it comes to free food, entertainment, booz and party-level. Sony also wins hands down ;-)

Tomorrow we still have Nintendo and the first day of E3! Stay tuned.

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