Exclusive at Gamegear: Scuf Gaming

Date: Sunday 11 November, 2012
Exclusive in the Benelux: Gamegear.be is the official reseller of the Scuf Gaming controllers, offering a solid range of unique PS3 and Xbox360 controllers.

The Scuf Controller are official PS3/Xbox360 controllers that have been modified by hand. The controllers have been buffed up with features such as: back pedals (2 or 4), trigger stop, hair triggers, scuf grip and more. These unique custom mods will give you the edge in any game you play. And to all the pro players out there: the Scuf controllers are MLG, EGL and WGL approved!

You can find the whole range, including the new Animal series that has 4 back pedals, mapping each of the front buttons to a back pedal: http://www.gamegear.be/scuf-gaming/



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