Finalmouse vs Glorious Model O

Date: Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Both the Finalmouse Air58 and the Glorious Model O gaming mouse are extremely popular and wanted amonst gaming mouse enthousiasts. But what makes these mice so great and which one of these two heavy weights is the best one?

What can you expect

The most important aspect of both mice is that they are ultra lightweight thanks to the honeycomb deisgn. This might not be the best way to keep your mouse dust free, buy that's just the price you'll have to pay ;)

Both mice are extremely popular amongst FPS gamers and battle royal fans. Important detail: for now Finalmouse doesn't make the Air58 anymore so you'll have to find one on Ebay.


  • Honeycomb structure for an ultra light design
  • Ambidextrous
  • PixArt PMW3360
  • Omron switches
  • Braided lightweight cable (paracord)
  • DPI switch
  • 128mmx61mmx37.5mm

Differences (finalmouse vs glorious):

  • 58g VS 68g
  • 2 colors (matte red & blue) vs 4 colors (matte or glossy and both in black or white)
  • Ninja branding vs no partner branding
  • no light vs full RGB lighting
  • Ultra thin/low profile scroll wheel vs classic rubber grip scroll Wheel
  • Basic teflon skates - G-skates (similar to Hyperglide)
  • 500hz polling rate vs 1000hz polling rate
  • 400-3200DPI vs 400-12000DPI
  • no custom software vs custom software
  • 89EUR vs 49EUR


The Glorious Model O gaming mouse wins hands down versus the Finalmouse AIR58. The difference in wieght is minimal, the price is half and the sensor of the Model O is simply better tuned (no idea why they capped the polling rate at 500Hz on the finalmouse). Last but not least: the Glorious Model O gaming mouse has custom software in which you can configure every little detail and yes ... also RGB lights :D

For more details check this great video by RandomFrankP:

Do you have questions about the Gloirous Model O? Or you want one?

The release date of the Glorious Model O gaming mice is set to 17/06 for the Benelux region and guess what ... Gamegear is the only official partner! If you still have questions, just post a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

You can find the full Glorious Gaming line-up right here:

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