@ E3 2012

Date: Sunday 03 June, 2012

Just as last year, I have the privilege to represent at E3 2012, world's biggest and most important gaming expo. E3 is not only the place to be for hot previews or, hopefully, a glimps of the next generation XBox or Playstation. But it's also a great show to find out what bad ass gaming accessories we can expect at the end of this year.

Next week I'll bring you in depth interviews with gaming brands such as Razer, SteelSeries, Tritton, Madcatz and Turtle Beach on their new product line-ups. On top of that I'll keep an eye open for a new underdog product that might change the way we game today. Last year we got in touch with the Gaems G155 gaming unit and rumour has it that they have another product coming our way.

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