GG Modz Paracord Mouse cable + skates - Ocean Blue

GG Modz Paracord Mouse cable + skates - Ocean Blue
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Are you planning to buy the GG Modz Paracord Mouse cable + skates - Ocean Blue ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the GG Modz Paracord Mouse cable + skates - Ocean Blue and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


GG Modz

At Gamegear every gamer is unique and that means that you deserve gear that fits your style. That's why we launched "GG Modz" in 2019. All GG Modz products are products & upgrades that are produced by hand in Belgium. They'll not only improve your gaming experience, but they'll make you look good too! 

Why paracord

Our paracord mod will give you a wireless feeling on a wired mouse. This ultra-lightweight cable results in minimal resistance while gaming, which allows you to move faster and more accurate.

On top of that: they look awesome and will give your gaming mouse a unique! Your game, your style!

Handmade in Belgium

The GG Modz Paracord gaming mouse USB cables are hand made in Belgium. By default we take 2m cables for our mouse cables and they are available in tons of different colors. On one side you'll find the classic USB-A connector that goes into your PC and on the other side you'll have a 5-pin connector that can be plugged into the motherboard of your mouse (no soldering required). 

Every mouse is different

When placing your order, make sure you select the right mouse so we can provide the right mouse feet and make the right cable as every mouse has a different internal wirering. So if your mouse is not in the list, be sure to select "other" and let us know in the comment box (at checkout) what mouse you have so we can make you the right cable. 

Warranty & installation


ATTENTION: you'll have to open up your gaming mouse to install this cable 

To install a GG Modz mouse cable you'll have to open up your mouse. Sadly most brands don't offer warranty once you open up your mouse. This means you have to be very carefull. 

Our cable does have regular 2 year warranty.


Be sure to checkout our instruction video and blog and follow all steps required. If you doubt you can do it yourself, don't worry: you can order several gaming mice and choose the "paracord" upgrade. It's a little more expensive, but we'll cover the full warranty of your mouse and install the product ourselves. 

To conclude: we recommend using the free set of mouses kates that comes with the cable. You can easily remove the original mouse skates using a heat gun or hairdryer. However this doesn't always work and you have to make sure your skate stick perfectly, else they'll mess up the mouse movement. So we recommend using the set that we include. 


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review


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