Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)

Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)
  • Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)
  • Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)
  • Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)
  • Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout)
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Are you planning to buy the Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout) ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the Glorious GMMK Pro Black 75% TKL Keyboard (ANSI, US Layout) and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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Product information - GMMK Pro Black Slate 75% TKL Keyboard - Pre built, ANSI-Layout - black

  • Pre-built Glorious GMMK Pro keyboard for keyboard lovers
  • Black housing made of CNC-milled aluminium
  • Durable GPBT keycaps in white
  • Five additional design keycaps for customisation
  • Factory lubricated Glorious Fox mechanical switches with linear feedback
  • Hot-swappable and easy to modify
  • Customisable RGB lighting, controllable with Glorious CORE software
  • 83 keys including rotary knob, ANSI layout
  • Includes black coiled cable and comfortable wrist rest

The Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built is perfect for keyboard lovers, with its high-quality finish and extensive customisation options. Featuring Glorious Fox Switches and GPBT Keycaps, this keyboard is designed to give you a comfortable typing experience for both work and play. The keyboard is completed by the included accessories, which further enhance the function and aesthetics of the Glorious GMMK Pro.

Switches and keycaps are easily hot-swappable, giving you multiple ways to modify your keyboard. With an integrated rotary encoder, RGB lighting, and a compact 75% TKL form factor, this keyboard is a real eye-catcher for your setup. Plus, the desk space gained is an advantage for those who don't need a NumPad.

Stable metal housing and freely assignable rotary knob

The CNC-machined aluminium housing is equipped with an integrated PCB with 5-pin socket for switches, which are gasket mounted. The elastic foam insulation refines the sound of the keyboard and decouples the PCB from the housing. This makes the Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built sound pleasantly quiet despite its metal housing.

The rotary encoder is installed on the right corner of the case. This is a combination of a rotary knob and a push button. It is used by default to control volume and multimedia functions, but can be freely assigned via Glorious CORE software.

Premium Glorious Switches and Keycaps

Equipped with Glorious Fox Switches, the Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built offers you a classic, linear typing experience. The friction resistance of the switches is minimal thanks to pre-applied lubricant. The haptic feedback ensures smooth typing and flawless acoustics. If you want to replace the switches, simply use the included Glorious Switch Puller.

The GPBT White Keycaps are sleek and clean. Made of PBT, these keycaps resist wear and tear without a problem. The legends remains unchanged even after extensive use.

As a TKL keyboard, the Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built has 83 keys, including the iconic rotary encoder. You also get four additional keycaps for Mac compatibility and an alternative ESC key with the Glorious logo.

Customisable RGB lighting

The Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built comes equipped with eye-catching RGB lighting. It highlights both the individual keys and the side of the barebone frame with ambient and customisable lighting effects.

These LEDs can be configured to display any colour from the entire 16.8 million RGB colour spectrum. The setting is made with the CORE software from Glorious, which can also be used to adjust the function of the rotary control.

High-quality extras for a luxurious typing experience

Completing the Glorious GMMK Pro Pre-Built, this keyboard includes a Glorious Coiled Cable and matching sized wrist rest.

Clean cable management: The Glorious Coiled Cable

The Glorious Coiled Cable has a USB 2.0 interface and is 1.8 m long. At the end of the cable is a 6 inch neatly coiled section that connects to the keyboard to keep your desk tidy. The rest of the cable is double braided with nylon and rubber. For an individual look, you can easily replace the cable. Glorious offers you different colours to suit every taste.

For comfortable gaming and working: The Glorious Wrist Rest

The Glorious Wrist Rest is lushly padded and provides comfortable support while typing and playing. This wrist rest lifts your wrist and specifically prevents pain and discomfort. Plus, it matches the keyboard's 75-percent form factor for a uniform look on your desk.


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There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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