Gunnar Gamer MLG Phantom Onyx amber lens

Gunnar Gamer MLG Phantom Onyx amber lens
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Kleur Zwart
Type lensAmber


Some people build machines from the ground up, to squeeze every last byte out of the cpu. they wait until the latest hours of the night and make sure that traffic on their favorite server is at a minimum.They crack open a Rockstar and after a long day of work, set into a long night of play.They're cyber athletes with the most acutley honed skills and senses, frames per second is their religion gaming is their sport and their vernacular consists of frags, kills and hp points.

When thereís no time to blink, the Phantom doesnít disappoint. The large lens coverage, its highly wrapped configuration and headset compatible temples help achieve an optimal visual experience. Fueled by GUNNARís i-AMP lens technology, the Phantom G is a vital component to help you nab those extra frags.


  • Enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision
  • Increases visual endurance
  • Reduces glare and visual noise
  • Decreases eye fatigue
  • Provides contrast for greater visual efficieny

What are Gunnars?

GUNNAR i-AMPô lens technology is the result of intensive study and research on the human optical system and its interaction with digital devices.

Based on optometric principles developed over years, and fused with the most recent in technological advances from the GUNNAR tech labs, i-AMP lens technology works with the properties of the human eye.

Comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry and finished with custom tuned lens tint and coatings, i-AMP lens technology can deliver an immediate and noticeable visual advantage in the short term, and provide performance in the long term.

GUNNARís lens technology platform is patent pending covered by multiple patent claims and has been independently studied in multiple optical laboratories.


GLOBALE SCORE: 3 van 5 Sterren!
marcos geuens2011-11-14 12:50:19
Score: 2/5
Pros : Scherp maar zacht beeld. Gaat perfect samen met headset. Cons : aan de zijkanten van de glazen weerkaatst het scherm waar je naar kijkt (!!!). Dit op zich vermoeit de ogen na langere tijd... Algemeen : enkel te gebruiken als je ogen echt vermoeid zijn, zeker niet dagdagelijks.
Maikel Harings2015-10-14 17:26:25
Score: 3/5
Een leuke Gunnar bril past voor mij perfect wel even wennen van het zicht maar of het nu echt voor je ogen helpt voel je pas na een week. Als je ogen je lief is is dit echt een leuk hebbeding :)

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