KontrolFreek - Edge (PS5 / PS4)

KontrolFreek - Edge (PS5 / PS4)
  • KontrolFreek - Edge (PS5 / PS4)
  • KontrolFreek - Edge (PS5 / PS4)
  • KontrolFreek - Edge (PS5 / PS4)
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New FPS Freek EDGE available now for PS4 Controllers. 

Cut through your competition with KontrolFreek® FPS Freek® Edge. This striking blue Performance Thumbstick™ set features a sharp, eight contact point design that was laser-etched for exceptional grip. It pairs two different height sticks for maximum comfort and accuracy.

The high-rise FPS hybrid stick (10.49mm PS4/ 10.63mm XB1) increases range of motion by 120.8%(XB1)/142.3%(PS4) and is designed for aim and accuracy on your right analog. The low-rise alpha stick (5.96mm PS4/ 5.92mm XB1) has a convex dome for control and comfort on your left. The combination allows for quicker and more precise target acquisition, creating the perfect advantage in the fast-paced world of competitive online play.

KontrolFreek - Edge is available for Playstation 5 and Playstation 4. Packaging may vary.


EAN code 611720409648
Warranty 24 month(s)
Platform Playstation 4 Playstation 5
Height Low High
Type Domed
Color Special
Compatible with Sony Playstation 4 Dualshock Controller


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