League of Legends tournament

Date: Sunday 15 May, 2011

Good news for all the League of Legends fans because we now have a new LoL tournament website: www.gyx.be! Gyx is powered by Gamegear.be and will host 5vs5, 3vs3 and 1vs1 tournaments. Gyx will kick off with a 2-weekly 5vs5 LoL tournament that is played over 2 days: Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first tournament will be held next week (17 May @ 19:30). The event will feature 200.00EUR in hardware prizes sponsored by SteelSeries & Gamegear.be and a 50.00EUR coupon that you can spend in our shop .

All you have to do is go to www.gyx.be and sign up.

PS: if you are wondering “how do I pronounce the name?”, well it’s simple: “geeks” :-)

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