LTT Screwdriver Ratcheting Multi-Bit (Black/Orange)

LTT Screwdriver Ratcheting Multi-Bit (Black/Orange)
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Are you planning to buy the LTT Screwdriver Ratcheting Multi-Bit (Black/Orange) ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the LTT Screwdriver Ratcheting Multi-Bit (Black/Orange) and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


All external plastics are Triax 1120 - a Nylon and ABS polymer which is great for injection molding parts like ours - for its overall durability and chemical resistance. The only exception is the black "accent ring" on the all black versions, which are made from machined Delrin, and the orange "accent ring" on the black & orange version, which are made from injection molded ABS. 

Internal plastics in our ratchet are also made from Delrin for its self-lubricating properties, and our ratchet housing is made from Zinc.

Our industrial-looking black phosphate-coated S2 steel bits are durable and rust resistant.

Standard bit set included with the screwdriver: PH0, PH1, PH2, H2, H2.5, H4, SL2, SL4, SL6, SQ1, SQ2, and our 5x5 Magnet bit (affectionately named "The Screw Retriever") (This was previously listed as a 6x6 magnet bit, but that was incorrect. The size is 5x5mm)


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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