MSI Gaming GE66 12UGS-016BE Raider

MSI Gaming GE66 12UGS-016BE Raider
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Are you planning to buy the MSI Gaming GE66 12UGS-016BE Raider ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the MSI Gaming GE66 12UGS-016BE Raider and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


MSI shows with the Raider GE66 what is possible with laptop gaming and that there is no longer a choice to be made between looks and performance. The best innovations and technology can be found in this top model. In addition, the RGB Mystic Light Bar provides a unique and futuristic look. With the Raider GE66, you will play all games, from AAA to popular e-sports games, on ultra-settings. The MSI Raider GE66 is the most powerful laptop yet, made for the ultimate gamer.

Specs to the Max
MSI brings together powerful hardware in the Raider GE66 12UGS-016BE to ensure the best performance in ultra level gaming. The Intel® Core™ i9-12900HK processor together with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti notebook GPU delivers ultimate speed, allowing you to play your favorite game on the very highest settings without any problems. This hardware offers a realistic gaming experience and smooth graphics. Your game has never looked so good. Furthermore, it also includes 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD memory, so you have plenty of space to store your games.

Ultimate display speed
Feel like a real pro with the MSI Raider GE66. This is because this laptop offers not only the very best hardware, but also display speeds that every e-sportsman dreams of. The display has a 15.6" 240 Hz 400NIT panel with which you don't have to miss a single detail anymore, because input lag and ghosting are history. Even the fastest games run smoothly and without a hitch. With this screen you won't lose a second.

More power, better cooling
The MSI Raider GE66 not only packs powerful hardware into its slim case, but also the cooling it needs to give you the best gaming experience. With the Cooler Boost 5, MSI ensures low temperatures with two fans and as many as eight heat pipes, which together blow the heat out, allowing the hardware to continue performing at its highest performance. The Raider GE66 features more than enough USB ports, to connect all your gaming gear. In addition to the handy USB-C Thunderbolt port, you can further connect up to three external monitors, by using the USB Type-C, HDMI and the Mini DisplayPort connection. So this flagship notebook has all the bells and whistles the true gamer could want!

CPU - Intel Core I9-12900HK
GPU - Nvidia RTX3070Ti
Memory - 32Gb (2*16Gb) DDR5
Storage - 1Tb 
Display - 240Hz - IPS - 2560*1440
WiFi - 6th - 802.11ax


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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