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Date: Tuesday 15 March, 2016

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The KOR-FX gaming vest uses award-winning 4DFX technology that transforms the acousto-haptic signals (audio) coming from your games or media into pinpointed high-definition feedback that allows you to feel the on-screen action and environmental factors for the first time. Explosions rattle you. The blades of your attack chopper thump in your chest. It’s the next generation of environmental realism.

KOR-FX is designed to provide significantly enhanced feedback for FPS, Simulation and Racing games – but KOR-FX will work with any game using the vest’s customizable modes and haptic feedback filters. KOR-FX also provides unparalleled immersion to VR systems, enhancing the already visually rich world of VR by adding tactile feedback and feeling.

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KOR-FX is not a rumble pack. Rumble packs use spinning motors to create vibrations. KOR-FX uses sophisticated software and patented transducers to convert audio signals into precise, directed haptic output. This output echoes into your chest cavity and tricks your mind into thinking you are actually present in the game you are playing – KOR-FX turns your body itself into an instrument that allows you to feel the environment extremely accurately.

KOR-FX is fully compatible across a range of media and devices and can be used with anything that produces audio. Try it out on all your devices and with your entire media collection—KOR-FX is just as effective with your movies and music.

Extra: Optical Adapter. This adapter lets you use the "Optical" out on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC Sound Card to easily connect your KOR-FX Gaming Vests Dongle to your system. This product is to be used in conjunction with the KOR-FX Gaming vest.


Please visit for more information about how to set up the product, download the manual, recommended games, watch instruction videos, etc.

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  • Console, PC, Mac and VR System Compatible: Works with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and other Virtual Reality systems. Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 Compatible.
  • Compatible with any game title using audio, no software needed.
  • Synced Environmental Feedback: Feel the action that’s happening on the screen with pinpointed acousto-haptics.
  • Cross-Media Immersion: The KOR-FX experience doesn’t stop with games—feel every explosion and bass line in movies, music, and other media!
  • Complete Customization: Tweak KOR-FX’s settings to discover your perfect gaming experience.
  • Plug and Play
  • Extra: optical adapter

Technical Specs KOR-FX gaming vest

  • Works with any standard 3.5mm or optical audio source including Consoles, PC’s, Tablets, Smartphones and Virtual Reality systems.
  • Adjustable (one size fits all).
  • Wireless with included dongle
  • Customizable haptic filters and power settings.
  • Vest requires 4AA rechargeable or standard batteries (not included) 30hr to 40hr estimated runtime.
  • Wireless dongle can be USB or battery powered with 4AA rechargeable or standard batteries (not included).
  • The KOR-FX gaming vest will work optimal after a “break-in” playtime of about 8 hours.

Technical Specs KOR-FX optical adapter

  • Amplified audio output
  • Input - optical connection
  • Output - 3.5m or RCA
  • Power - 5.0v (USB power cable included)

Safety Notes

  • KOR-FX generates powerful emotional and physical effects. Please use caution in using this device. We recommend taking regular breaks between extended periods of play and if you feel any discomfort when using the vest to please discontinue use.
  • If you have a heart condition, we advise you to check with your doctor before using KOR-FX. If you have a pacemaker or any other heart implant do not use KOR-FX as the product contains magnets.

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