New Steelseries MMO Mouse Drivers

Date: Monday 09 March, 2009
Steelseries has released a new MMO Mouse Software version today:
You will find the release notes below:

Bug fixes:

  • Adjusted buttons and optimized GUI for localized versions.
  • Fixed translations for German localization.
  • Fixed translations for French localization.
  • Fixed translations for Spanish localization.
  • Fixed profile input to handle non-English names. Currently this feature only works if the input language is matching the default (non-Unicode) language set in Windows. This will be fixed with an update next week.
  • Fixed mouse buttons 4 and 5 for non-default assignments.
  • Fixed repeat rate for the Single Key mappings – the buttons are now properly held down.

New features:

  • Added parallel output for keyboard and mouse events. Now you can hold the button that sends a keyboard key down and use mouse clicks at the same time.
  • Added parallel output for single key mappings and macros. Now you are able to hold the button that sends a keyboard key down and press the macro button at the same time. Note that if the macro contains the same single key that is currently pressed, it will be released after the macro. For example if you keep A down and send a macro ABC, the A will stop. However if you send a macro BCD, the A will remain pressed.

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