Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue

Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue
  • Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue
  • Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue
  • Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue
  • Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue
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Are you planning to buy the Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue ? Be sure to checkout the information below on the Noblechairs HERO Series - Black/Blue and get to know this product inside and out! Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, the HERO Series is the most feature complete ergonomic office chair from noblechairs yet. A perfect choice for those that spend prolonged hours in front of the computer, this high-quality office chair utilizes an all new integrated adjustable lumbar support, allowing it to be fully customized to your individual needs. Intended to support bigger users, the HERO possesses a taller backrest, wider seat base and larger armrests.


  • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Larger Size
  • 4D Armrest with soft PU padding
  • Full Inner Foam Construction
  • Solid Inner Metal Frame
  • Breathable Fabric Cover
  • Vibrant Coloring
  • Silent 60mm PU Casters
  • Class 4 Gas Lift
  • DIN EN 1335 Certification
  • Butterfly Tilt Mechanism
  • Stylish Air channel
  • Intricate stitching
  • Specifications

    EAN code 4251442501921
    Warranty 24 month(s)
    Color Black Blue
    Fabric PU Leather
    Maximum Load150 KG
    Maximum Sitting Height56cm
    Back SupportYes
    Seat Depth550mm
    Seat WidthLarge
    Type armrest4D


    OVERALL RATING: 5 of 5 Stars!
    Ronald Deutz2019-06-25 18:47:17
    Score: 5/5
    To sum it up: finally a well-built chair made for my size! (1,98m, 115 kg) After having tried many different office chairs over the past 20 years, the difference in seating comfort with this one is stunning. The head rest is properly behind my head, and not between my shoulder blades. The back rest comfortably supports my entire back, and I presume you could be a handful of cm taller than me and still find it very appropriately sized. The seating height is very appropriate, and I personally am far from the highest setting to have my knees at a 90 degree angle and upper legs fully resting on the seat. It has a very sturdy construction, there is no doubt in my mind that it will go on for a long time, as it's designed for a significantly higher maximum load, and you feel it. There's great attention to detail in this part. All the screws and bolts are a size larger and it all feels very sturdy. The built-in lumbar support was actually the deciding factor for me to pick this chair vs. other higher priced gaming chairs, as the strap-on cushions that other chairs have are more an emergency fix rather than a proper solution. The solution in this chair easily reminds of high quality car seats and makes for proper back support that you immediately notice when sitting down, and it stays in place rather than slip all the time. They also do include another back support cushion with this chair, but I don't see much point in that, really. You don't need it. The backrest can be reclined quite a bit, though I personally don't have much use for that - I'm perfectly happy sitting upright, but properly supported. The mechanism also reminds me a lot of a car seat, and also the tilting and reclining mechanism has a very "premium feel" to it. Just the right forces needed to activate, and a bit of dampening so it moves very smoothly. The sturdy design also extends to the cushioning foam - it is rather dense and not overly "couchy", which was what I was looking for - an ergonomic chair with proper back support, not a bed. It is still comfortable for working a full day from home or a gaming session lasting several hours. The material feels of a much higher quality than previous PU leather chairs that I had, the use of different surface types is also a very nice touch. The perforated seat and back rest are comfortable also during hot temperatures, not decently ventilated. The sides of the backrest, where your arms could touch it, are covered in a suede-style PU leather, which has a pleasant texture. Finally the rest of the chair and the back is covered in nappa-style PU leather, which looks and feels appropriate as well. The option to get real leather on this chair is quite pricey, but I personally don't feel it's necessary, as this is high quality material as well. The instructions suggest to assemble the chair with two people, but I found it easy enough to do it by myself. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, it took me roundabout 30 minutes until it was fully assembled. Everything was carefully wrapped and in good order in the package, and a nice touch here is that they even include all tools and some extra screws, so you're good to go with just this package, you don't need to have any tools yourself. The engineering and build quality of this chair is superb, all holes are exactly at the right places, and the finish is very clean. Kudos for the workmanship here, this is absolutely what you expect from a premium product. Even the screws and washers are made of high quality materials with precision engineering. In conclusion: for tall people this chair is worth every cent of its price! If you are

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