Noblechairs ICON Series – Black

Noblechairs ICON Series – Black
  • Noblechairs ICON Series – Black
  • Noblechairs ICON Series – Black
  • Noblechairs ICON Series – Black
  • Noblechairs ICON Series – Black
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EAN code 4251442501075
Warranty 24 maand(en)
Bekleding Kunstleder
Kleur Zwart
Draagkracht120 KG
Type Stoel Premium
Verstelbare ArmsteunJa
Breedte StoelRegular


Taking the luxury and unrivalled attention to detail of the noblechairs lineup and blending it with an uncompromising aesthetic, the ICON has a style that embodies the adage that quality speaks for itself. Employing 100% PU imitation leather and enhanced ergonomics and adjustability, this is the perfect chair for those who demand unambiguous durability and strive for the best.

Some colours never go out of fashion, and black is surely one of them. When it comes to timelessness, simplicity trumps complexity, and the requisite supersedes the superfluous. It is in this spirit that the Black/Black PU leather model retains the material quality and attention-to-detail of its fellow noblechairs while focusing on the essentials. Its uncompromising aesthetic is broken only by a discrete black and silver noblechairs badge, and for those of a discerning disposition who put store by the old adage “less is more”, this is dedicated to you.

No mere gaming chair, the interplay of 100% vegan PU imitation leather and precision manufacturing is what drives the ICON forwards. That’s why we rely on supple and durable PU leather and an intelligent blend of perforation and diamond pattern stitching across the contact area to maximise comfort and breathability, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition without breaking a sweat.


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