Recieve a free Gamegear Supply Drop for orders abovet 75EUR

Date: Monday 20 December, 2021
This year we have another great surprise for you guys: the Gamegear Supply drop. With this care package you'll get through these dark cold winter days without a problem. 

The care package is available in 2 variations: Playstation edition and Xbox edition. Each package will contain the following:
  • 1 x Ubisoft game
  • 1 x Gamegear Tactical Army Pouch
  • 1 x Gamegear patch set
  • 1 x Gamegear "prepare for flight" hanger
  • 2 x Red bull energy drink
  • 1 x Omen by HP frisbee
  • 1 x Omen by HP pins package

How does it work? Very simply: with each transaction above 75EUR, you'll have the choice to add the GAMEGEAR ARMY CARE PACKAGE to your shopping cart for either Xbox or Playstation

This is all you have to do :) Important: you have to add the version that you like, if you don't, the system will not add the care package to your order. 

Be sure to act fast, because this promotion only runs while stock lasts

Happy holidays


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