QPAD QH-90 Pro Gaming Headset - White (PC)

QPAD QH-90 Pro Gaming Headset - White (PC)
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SKU code QP-3305
EAN code 7350020291869
Warranty 24 maand(en)
Platform PC
Speaker Kanalen Stereo 2.0
Aansluitingen Analoog 3.5mm
Ear cup Type Over-ear Closed design Stof
Noise cancellingPassief
Frequentie bereik (audio)15Hz-25KHz
Impedantie60 Ω
Gevoeligheid98 dB @ 1kHz
Frequentie bereik (mic)100 - 12,000 Hz
Micro type Uni-Directioneel


Many gamers focus so much on the visual part of gaming, they forget all about the sound.

It is not uncommon to see people spending thousands of dollars on top-notch computers with all the latest graphics cards, monitors, keyboards, mice and what not, then plugging in a no-name headset, thinking no more of it. In doing so, they are depriving themselves from a huge part of the magic created by game studios and producers. The audial dimension of gaming matters, and we at QPAD truly believe that a good portion of all audio-depraved gamers out there will be blown away by the gaming experience when using a good pair of headphones, such as the QPAD QH-90.


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