Scuf One Infinity - Blue (Xbox One) - FULL KIT

Scuf One Infinity - Blue (Xbox One) - FULL KIT
  • Scuf One Infinity - Blue (Xbox One) - FULL KIT
  • Scuf One Infinity - Blue (Xbox One) - FULL KIT
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Verzendkosten: 5.90EUR
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EAN code 2000000010502
Warranty 6 maand(en)
Platform Xbox One
Kleur Blauw
Linker Stick TypeDomed
Rechter Stick TypeDomed
Control DiscNeen


SCUF Infinity1 offers several patented and patent pending features to include:

NEW Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area

  • Change out thumbsticks in a few seconds without removing any screws
  • Various lengths, shapes and colors to suit all hand sizes and style of gameplay (sold seperately)

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Rings

  • Fully removable and customizable
  • Use of high grade self-lubricating materials provides a pro-grade finish offering improved smoothness, life and feel of thumbsticks

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Paddle Control System

  • Fully modular and interchangeable with no screws
  • Various heights and shapes of SCUF paddles
  • Choose 0,1, 2, 3 or 4 SCUF paddles – change on the fly

NEW SCUF Infinity1 Pro Edition Switches

  • Layered gold on circuits and new switches for increased actuation life
  • Improved haptic feedback

SCUF Adjustable Hair Trigger & Pro Grip Handles

  • Interchangeable for full or reduced trigger movement
  • High grade contoured grip in multiple colors
  • SCUF Key externally adjusts triggers to suit your gameplay

SCUF EMR Technology

  • Remap on the fly with SCUF Electro Magnetic Remapping. Any paddle = Any face button

OPGEPAST: de foto is enkel ter referentie. Kijkt naar de feature lijst voor de juiste configuratie.

Garantie: aangezien Scuf controllers met de hand worden aangepast, is hierop een beperkte garantie van 90 dagen van toepassing


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