Sennheiser presents the X320 Xbox headset

Date: Saturday 11 February, 2012

Sennheiser no longer limits itself to the PC market and makes their move on the console gamers with the brand new Sennheiser X320 Xbox360 headset. The new X320 is the Xbox edition of the PC320 which is available for the PC.

When you take a look at the design of the X320 and PC320 it reminds you of the good old Sennheiser PC series (151, 156, 161, 166), but this time they have provided us with larger earpads which is a must for a good gaming headset.

What specs can you expect from:

  • Frequency response 15 - 23000 Hz
  • Impedance 32 Ω
  • Sound pressure level (SPL) 113 dB

If you would like to find out more check out the product page:

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