Shipping & returns

Delivery method:
  • Taxipost:
         Belgium: 1 day
         International: +-2-5 jours
  • VISA and Mastercard by Europabank before 15:00 on week days: processed same day
  • Bancontact MisterCash (Belgium) or iDeal (The Netherlands) using Icepay before 15:00 on week days: processed same day
  • Pick-up: call our office between 10.00 and 18.00 on the number 014/41.60.41 to pick up the product yourself.
  • Cash on delivery: you pay the package when it is being delivered, this is only possible in Belgium and an extra cost will be charged.
  • Banktranfer: this takes 1-2 days in Belgium, 3-5 days outside Belgium
  • Other: when you prefer a different method, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Attention: there are no deliveries in the weekends. Please keep in mind that the calculations above are excluding holidays and weekends.

RMA (returning a defected product) :

When a product has a defect that is covered by the warranty **, you can make a RMA request.

More information on how to request a return can be found on this page: "How to return"

** within the warranty term, a defect caused by an error in the manufacturing process and only defects caused by normal use of the product. For more details we like to refer to the specific warranty conditions on the website of the manufacturer.

Once the RMA form is submitted, a employee will contact you within 48 hours and send you a PDF document along with all the details on sending the product back.

Returning the product to is the responsibility of the client, including the costs to do this, unless the manufacturer agrees to pay for the costs. tries to handle all RMA requests as fast as possible. However, testing, contacting the manufacturer and the repair / exchange may take some time. Please keep this in mind.

Right of return

If the article does not meet the expectations you have the right to return the product within the legal term of 14 days after receiving the product. The packaging and the article may not be damaged (no scratches, dirt or other signs of use). The client has the choice to replace the article, request a coupon or get refunded.

If these rules are not respected, we are not obliged to take back the article and we do not have to refund the product. When the order has been delivered, you must check if the product matches the order you have placed with us. If this is not the case, then you can notify us by e-mail: within 14 days. Please include any deviation and your order number in your communication. The return of the computer games because your computer does not meet the minimal requirements is not a valid reason. The minimum requirements of the game can be checked online or you can contact one of the employees.

How to return an order:

  • Send and e-mail to including the reason for the return and the order number or invoice number.
  • Use a solid packaging to prevent damage to the article.
  • The articles should be returned by a shipping method that is traceable + signature.
  • The costs for sending back the product are for the customer.
  • We take no responsibility for any damage caused during transportation of the returned product.