SteelSeries & “Recycling Promo"

Date: Sunday 17 January, 2010
Are you planning to buy a new headset or mouse and your old one is trashed?

Then wait just a little longer! Steelseries and present the “Frag-o-Matic Recycling” promo. We will recycle your old mouse/headset into a brand new, kick ass Steelseries 4HD gaming mousepad with a value of 19.99EUR when you purchase one of the following products :

  • Steelseries Siberia v2 full size headset
  • Steelseries Siberia v2 USB full size headset
  • Steelseries 5H v2 headset
  • Steelseries 5Hv2 white headset
  • Steelseries 5Hv2 USB headset
  • Steelseries Xai Laser muis

The system is simple: take your old mouse or headset to the booth and buy a Steelseries 5H v2, Siberia v2 of Xai kopen. We'll then throw in the Steelseries 4HD for free.

Good to know: the state your mouse/headset is in doesn't matter! And don't forget, we only have a limited stock for this promotion!

More information on Frag-o-Matic: This LAN will be held at Wieze on 12-13-14 February 2010.

You can now also place orders that can be picked up at Frag-o-Matic. Simply select "Pickup at FoM" when checking out.



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