Steelseries Rival 310 & Sensei 310 Launch

Date: Tuesday 08 August, 2017

The next step in gaming performance

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Rival 300, the new Rival 310 and Sensei 310 go one step further, with an ergonomic lightweight design and the best sensor on the market, designed in cooperation with PixArt, a global leader in sensor technology

Ultra-low-latency sensor

The TrueMove3 sensor's ultra-low-latency, rapid-response tracking delivers the most natural and accurate mouse movement.

True eSports performance

Unlike other mouse sensors bogged down with acceleration, angle-snapping and inefficient jitter reduction, TrueMove3's 1-to-1 tracking up to 3,500 CPI delivers true eSports performance.

Lightweight 90g construction

New, lightweight and durable materials reduce the weight of the mouse to 90g, giving it fast and natural movement.

Simplicity and Precision

Your mouse must be a reliable weapon in the pursuit of greatness. Rival 310 and Sensei 310 focus on giving you the most simple and precise gaming experience ever.

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Rival 310 Sensei 310
TrueMove3 Sensor
Split-Trigger button design
RGB Illumination
Ergonomic Rival design
Ergonomic Ambidextrous Design
Price € 69.99 € 69,99
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