SteelSeries celebrates 10 years!

Date: Sunday 20 February, 2011

Steelseries will be blowing out 10 candles next week and they will celebrate this with us! SteelSeries, Bescene and will have one big party week coming up! Next to a discount of -10% on the top10 SteelSeries products at, we'll be handing out prizes the whole week (21 Feb - 27 Feb) during out SteelSeries 10 year Anniversary Marathon!


Post your favorite gear to this topic at Facebook page. All you have to do is type the name of the product and the link to the product on the Website. Example: SteelSeries 7H+ USB

Prize(s):  SteelSeries Ikari + SteelSeries 4HD + SteelSeries  5h v2

Thuesday 22-02-2011:

Join the SteelSeries facebook group, find out what country SteelSeries is from and post "I know the answer" on the facebook wall (please post it to the correct news item that will be released on Thuesday) and e-mail the answer to (don't post it on the wall, else everyone will know it). 

Prize(s):  1 x SteelSeries 4HD

Wednesday 23-02-2011:

Wednesday we'll be looking for 3 team sponsored by SteelSeries. All you have to do is go to the right news post at Facebook( you will find the post on Wednesday evening).

Prize(s):  SteelSeries 4HD

Thursday 24-02-2011:

Tag yourself in the 10-year SteelSeries picture that you can find next Thrusday on the Facebook page. Don't forget to join the SteelSeries Fan page as well!

Prize(s):  SteelSeries Siberia White v2

Friday 25-02-2011:

On Friday you can post an original conversation that could fit the picture you find here:  Medal of Honor . You'll find the picture on this BeScene page. 

Prize(s):  1 x xai medal of honor en 1 x 4HD

Saturday 26-02-2011:

"Make a video"-compo . You can find more information at and the Facebook page.

Prize(s)Siberia v2 Blue Limited edition

Sunday 27-02-2011: Starcraft 2 cup (Benelux Only) at

Prize(s): 1. Siberia v2 Orange  |  2. 6G keyboard  |  3. 4HD


Good luck!


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