Thrustmaster T-GT II

Thrustmaster T-GT II
  • Thrustmaster T-GT II
  • Thrustmaster T-GT II
  • Thrustmaster T-GT II
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Never before have so many extreme innovative technologies been brought together in a racing wheel as in the T-GT II. This wheel is the result of in-depth research into all the sensations that need to be conveyed in order to provide the most realistic racing experience ever. 
Refined and perfected through more than 23,000 hours of intense R&D work, the T-GT II is designed to take the amazing Force Feedback performance of its predecessor (the T-GT) to new and greater heights. With the T-GT II, gamers on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC can enjoy brand new levels of precision and durability. Officially licensed for both PlayStation 5 and Gran Turismo, the T-GT II racing wheel offers significant advantages and lifelike sensations in GT Sport thanks to groundbreaking technologies such as T-LIN, T-DCC and especially T-DFB (3D perception of Force Feedback effects). 

T-GT II: all the major, must-have features of T-GT — plus new added elements and improvements to ensure this racing wheel’s supremacy in the world of eSports, and its uniqueness in GT Sport. 
  • New T-GT “II”: both the wheel and pedal set feature a new design and new capabilities, for ultimate performance in racing competitions 
  • Next-level reliability and sturdiness: the product was designed based on invaluable eSports experience gained from involvement in the prestigious GT World Series 
  • Design inspired by the automotive industry: new components and fuses adapted from real-world car racing 

Key features 

Better performance than ever  
The groundbreaking T-Turbo Power, T-LIN, T-40VE, T-M.C.E and T-DFB technologies — pioneered by the product’s predecessor and exclusive to GT Sport — are included in T-GT II as well, allowing drivers to keep on enjoying the unique sensations provided by these features. Next-generation “Brushless II” motor: even faster motor performance, allowing you to more effectively take on the most extreme parts of races (race track edges, turns, etc.). Onboard drift curve calculation for a level of responsiveness that stays the same, no matter what racing game you’re playing. Real-time Force Feedback, without any dead zones, for unrivaled efficiency in racing competitions. 

Made for GT SPORT 
T-GT II provides direct access to amazing features in Gran Turismo Sport — just like its predecessor, T-GT. 

Improved sturdiness and reliability 
  • Electronic components featuring “AEC-Q” automotive industry qualification: an additional guarantee of quality for demanding gamers, from long training sessions through to the most intense competitions. 
  • New and improved fuses used in T-GT II’s internal mechanism, for unprecedented durability and safety. 
  • T3PA GT II pedal set, transformed into a brand-new “competition-style” configuration: 
    • New precise and durable brake spring 
    • Certified Belgian automotive industry components 
    • “T-GT II Edition” design 

Compatible with both PlayStation® and PC (Windows® 10).


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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