Tritton ARK 100 Stereo Headset (XO)

Tritton ARK 100 Stereo Headset (XO)
  • Tritton ARK 100 Stereo Headset (XO)
  • Tritton ARK 100 Stereo Headset (XO)
  • Tritton ARK 100 Stereo Headset (XO)
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The unique monocurve design of the ARK series has been extensively tested and tuned to offer the perfect fit, ensuring the best audio response of the speakers and enhanced comfort over long gaming sessions. The acoustic chambers slide within the monocurve enabling adjustment for different head sizes, whilst the exterior always retains its powerful, unique profile

The ARK series house multiple drivers in both left and right acoustic chambers. The ARK 100 has four neodymium drivers in total, housing a 60mm and a 10mm driver in each side. The larger 60mm is dedicated to superior bass and mid-range response, whilst the 10mm handles higher frequencies, resulting in a far richer, precision audio experience.

Customize the ARK series with ease using the Accelerometer-based control of color and brightness. Simply tilt until you have your preferred color and brightness settings. Using the preset themes you can also control the speed of LED effects, such as breathing, heartbeat and color cycling – click on the icons and try them out here.


EAN code 728658049522
Warranty 24 month(s)
Platform Xbox One
Speaker Channels Stereo 2.0
Connections Analogue 3.5mm
Ear cup Type Over-ear Leather
Color black green gray
LED illuminationMulticolored
Frequency range (audio)20Hz – 20.000Hz
Impedance16 Ω
Micro typeUni-directional


There are currently no product reviews | Add Your Review

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