Win your purchase back!

Date: Friday 30 April, 2010

Did one of these thoughts ever cross your mind : What those guys from Gunk and JimTV do, I can do better! I can open a box way faster then Bren ! Or do you just want to grab the opportunity to win your last purchase at back ? Then grab your (web)camera and jump into action !

In May offers you the chance to win the money from your purchase back ! The only thing you need to do is plug in your webcam or grab your camera, make a small recording and tell us your opinion about the product and

The most popular movies will be able to win a nice prize. So make sure you send your video-reply to all your friends, post it on facebook, twitter, netlog and your gaming clan. That way you maximize the number of positive votes your review will get.

More details about the competition:

  • Everyone that purchased an item at before 31/05/2010 and who has a valid invoice & account can participate by reviewing the item in a video-message.
  • On our YouTube-page "Gamegearbelgium" ( you can find an example on the new Creative Labs Wireless World of Warcraft headset. The sample is in Dutch, but you can make a video reply in any language you want.
  • Thanks to Youtube you can directly record a video reply with your webcam (if you have a Youtube account, which is free).

How do you create and post a video review?

  • Plug your webcam into your computer, or turn on your hand-held camera
  • Make sure you have the latest Flash player installed
  • Go to and create an account or just log on if you already have one.
  • Follow this link to go to our very own Creative Labs WoW headset review:
  • The sample is in Dutch, but you can reply in any language!
  • Click on “Respond to a video”
  • You will see a link “Attach a video”, click on that
  • Now you are ready to record your live video message.

What do we expect of your video review:

  • You bought the item at before 31/05/2010 and you have a valid account and invoice.
  • You upload your review as a video-reaction to our example on YouTube:
  • The review should be at least one minute and no more then 5 minutes (more or less).
  • You mention at least once.
  • You have to post your video reply before 31/05/2010 .
  • Send an email to including the link of your movie, your name, the order number of your purchase and a summery of your review.
  • When you are happy with our service, you can close the video stating why is your number 1 e-sports shop.

The competition:
The most popular/coolest/best rated movies are selected and are eligible to win a prize. The crew then will select the 3 winners from these movies. We will give points based on views, score, quality and dedication to Also keep in mind that the value of a review goes up when it's about a recent product. No body wants to hear about a mouse that isn't being sold any more ;-)

What can you win ?
1. A coupon worth 100% of the value of the reviewed product
2. A coupon worth 50% of the value of the reviewed product
3. A coupon worth 20% of the value of the reviewed product

Good luck and have fun!

Bren & Hap

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