Winnners LowLandLions Pro lessons

Date: Friday 18 December, 2009

We have selected the winneers of the LowLandLions Pro lessons competition and we want to congratulate the following customers:

  • Ben Vanwetswinkel wins Ferdi 'xire' Senel - 1 hour of Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Jan Buskens wins Jeffrey "draven" Debipersad - 1 hour of Quake Live
  • Christophe De Herdt wins Bart 'bartinho' Nooyens - 30 minutes of FIFA
  • Michael Chin wins Laurens "geenens" Geenens - 30 minutes of FIFA

The winners will receive a personal mail with all the information for the gaming sessions. We will also try and make some demos so all of you can enjoy the action afterwards.

Have a nice weekend!


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